At NorthStar New Media, we aim to present solutions which meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.  By working methodically through the specification, design and construction process with our customers, we ensure that each of our sites are designed with their specific target audience and operator in mind.

NorthStar New Media was setup in 1997 as a development from a previous company specialising in information kiosks, software and web development.  Since then NorthStar has continued to grow and evolve with the industry, embracing new technology along the way.  Currently NorthStar maintain a large client base including holiday accommodation providers, estate agents, online stores, travel operators and companies in the renewable energy sector.

NorthStar New Media was started in Orkney although now has directors posted in Edinburgh, London and the South West.  We continue operations in Orkney and welcome business from anywhere; from our home in Orkney, throughout the country and beyond.